Tarte Soleil chocolat - chocolate Sun Tart!

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Rainy day?? Invite the sun in your house!!

This Chocolate Sun Tart is beautifull and delicious, very appreciated as finger food for a birthday party!


​- 1 puff pastry - 100 g dark chocolate - 10 g butter - 10 ml fresh cream

Preparation of the recipe

Watch carefully the different steps... Divide the puff pastry in 2 equal parts and roll them in 2 thin discs.

Place the first disc on a baking dish.

Melt the chocolate and mx it with the melted butter and the cream to get a smooth preparation.

Spread the chocolate preparation on the first disk, leaving 5 cm free.

Put some cold water with your fingertips on the free space on the puff pastry.

Place the second disc on top.

Press with a fork all around to make the 2 discs stick together.

Place a small glass upside down in the center and cut the pastry in 16 small slices.

Gently twist each slice twice without breaking them. That's the hard part!

Cook your sun tart in preheated oven (180°C) for 25 minutes.


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