Why do we eat chocolate eggs for Easter?

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Easter is a very important day for the Christians: on this day they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Before Easter is Lent: a time of 40 days during which the Christians try to have a simpler life to come closer to God (more good actions, less food, less waste, less shopping, more time for family, for prayer and for sharing with our neighbours). And durig this time of lent the Christians used to eat less meat and eggs. 

But, in the farms, the hens would not stop laying their eggs, would they? So, in the past, the farmers kept all their eggs during Lent and, on Easter day, they would paint them in bright color and give them to all their friends and neighbours as a present.

The first chocolate eggs appeared in the 18th century in France. Today, we also find chocolate hens and bells. 

And there is another story about the Easter bells! In France, every village has a church and every church has at least one bell! For Easter we tell the kids that the churches' bells went away to Rome, to explain the fact that they remain silent between holy thursday and Easter Sunday (in memory of the death of Jesus Christ). And on Easter Sunday, day of the resurrection, the bells come back to the villages and ring again joyfully, spreading chocolate eggs all over the countryside!

Happy Easter!!


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