Eggplant caviar on toast

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Here is a nice mediterranean spread or dip for summer brunches or apéritifs!

It does not contain caviar but is nearly as tasty!

Ingredients (serves 6 to 8):

- 4 long eggplants

- 1 lemon

- ½ clove garlic

- 2 tablespoons olive oil

- salt, pepper, cumin

- 1 baguette (French bread)



Preparation of the recipe

1- Wash the eggplants, cut off the ends and cut them in 2 pièces.

2- Place the eggplants in a baking dish and bake in preheated oven for 35 minutes (180°C). Take the eggplants out of the oven and once they are not too warm, take the skin off.

3- Mix in a blender the eggplant, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Add pepper, salt and 1 small teaspoon cumin.

4- Spread on thin toasted baguette slices. You can add ½ black olive on top for decoration.



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