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  • Winter menu: let's warm up!

    31 mars 2016 ( #Menus )

    This is my winter menu: lots of good and colorfull dishes. The verrine is perfect for an appetizer and also for cocktail finger food in small glasses or cups. Pot au feu is a very famous french dish made with beef meat and all kinds of vegetables cooked...

  • April: Spring energy!

    11 avril 2016 ( #Menus )

    An energizing menu for a great start in Spring! Gluten free! Redbellpepper rolls Ingredients (serves 6 to 8 persons): 2 red bell pepper, 2 yellow bell pepper 8 thin slices of ham 100 g cream cheese chives Preparation of the recipe: 1.Cut the peppers in...

  • March: pink menu direct from Lyon!

    31 mars 2016 ( #Menus )

    Beets Verrines, apples, walnuts Preparation Time: 15 min Ingredients (6 glasses / verrines) 200 g canned beets 150 g cream cheese "cream cheese" 1 apple A little lemon juice 100g walnuts Salt and pepper Preparation of the recipe: 1. Take out the beets...

  • Summer green menu! Gluten free

    09 juin 2016 ( #Menus )

    Zucchini and mint cold soup Preparation Time: 15 min Ingredients (6 to 8 bowls, depending on the size of the zucchini) 3 or 4 zucchini 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt 6 mint leaves 2 tablespoons olive oil 3 pinches of cumin Salt and pepper Preparation of...

  • Gluten free? No problem!

    07 avril 2016 ( #Gluten free )

    More and more people are gluten-intolerant or gluten-allergic. So let's think about other cooking solutions! I allways try to replace wheat flour when I can in my recipes. For example, for every cake made with a small quantity of wheat flour, why not...

  • Peach and almond soft cake - gluten free

    06 juin 2016 ( #Gluten free, #Recipes, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    This cake is well known in France as "quatre quart". Ingredients rule is very easy: weigh 3 eggs and use same weigh for sugar, flour and butter. You can make it with 3, 4, 5 eggs, depending on the number and apetite of your guests! You can use any kind...

  • Rhubarb and apple crumble - gluten free

    01 juin 2016 ( #Gluten free, #Recipes, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    Here is one of my favourite desserts... Perfect with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and a good italian espresso! Ingredients : (serves 6 to 8 persons) - For the filling: 200 g of rhubarb (frozen or fresh) 3 or 4 big apples 40 g sugar cinnamon - For...

  • Salmon, spinach cream and Béchamel lasagna

    13 octobre 2016 ( #Recipes, #salty )

    Here is a new version of the famous italian dish transformed with spinach, salmon and Béchamel sauce! Ingredients (serves 6 to 8 persons): - 500 g spinach - 100 ml fresh cream- 500 g salmon precooked baked and crumbled- 1 pack lasagna pasta- 150 g grated...

  • New! French pâtisserie workshops in Hiroo!

    01 février 2017 ( #All about, #Workshops )

    You want to learn more about french pâtisserie? Join now our Pâtisserie Workshops in Hiroo! For more information contact us ! Kiwi bluberry tart - Gluten free

  • "French" gyoza

    01 juin 2016 ( #Recipes, #salty )

    Delicious japanese-french gyozas! I tried them with the traditionnal reciepe, and added french style ingredients. Wonderfull! Ingredients: Gyoza pastry discs (25 pieces) 200 g minced pork 100 g chinese cabbage 50 g spinach 50 g spring onions 150 g white...

  • Quinoa taboulé - gluten free

    01 juin 2016 ( #Gluten free, #Recipes, #salty, #gluten free salty )

    This taboulé is easy to make and fresh, perfect for a light summer salad! Ingredients (6 to 8 persons) 200 g quinoa 150 g cherry tomatoes 4 small cucumbers 20 g raisins chives mint 1 lemon 3 tablespoons olive oil Salt, pepper Preparation of the recipe:...

  • Back from holidays!

    30 août 2016 ( #All about )

    Back to Tokyo after great holidays in France! And returning with inspiration from the Atlantic and all the nice places visited... Let's enjoy Autumn!

  • Raspberry financier, gluten free

    16 mai 2016 ( #Gluten free, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    Raspberry financiers, gluten free Ingredients : (serves 6 to 8 persons) Icing sugar: 110 g Almond powder : 55 g Rice or wheat flour : 35 g Egg white : 100 g (3 eggs) Butter : 100 g Raspberries: 50 g Preparation of the recipe : 1.Preheat oven to 180 °...

  • Chocolate tart - gluten free

    11 avril 2016 ( #Gluten free, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    This gluten free chocolate tart is a must in my family. My kids keep asking for it! Ingredients: For the sweet pastry: 65 g almond powder 65 g rice flour 65 g gluten free baking mix 100 g butter 30 g sugar Filling: 200 g dark chocolate 100 ml fresh cream...

  • Macarons! Gluten free

    31 janvier 2017 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    Try your best St Valentine present with a delicious french touch! Ingredients (for around 15 macarons):- 2 eggs whites- 148 g icing sugar- 84 g almond powder- 20 g caster sugar- 1/2 teaspoon of red food coloring powder Preparation of the recipe : 1- Mix...

  • Chocolate cake - gluten free

    24 janvier 2017 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    The best chocolate cake ever! Gluten free, of course and so simple! Ingredients- 200 g dark chocolate- 40 g rice flour- 150 g soft butter - 100 g sugar- 4 eggs If you like coffee, you can add one teaspoon of instant coffee to this preparation, it greatly...

  • Nutella roulé cake (kid's favourite!) - Gluten free

    19 janvier 2017 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #gluten free sweet, #sweet )

    I prepared this super quick cake today juste before my (hungry) kids came back from school: 10 minutes preparation! But it only took them 5 minutes to finish it all... Ingredients:- 4 eggs- 80 g brown sugar- 60 g potato starch- 3 or 4 tablespoons Nutella...

  • Orange and almond cream tart - Gluten free

    16 janvier 2017 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #gluten free sweet, #sweet )

    This one is a great blend of the famous almond cream (frangipane in french) and the delicious taste of orange marmelade, so comforting in winter. IngredientsSweet pastry:- 80 g almond powder- 80 g rice flour- 80 g gluten free baking mix- 110 g soft butter...

  • Christmas chocolate bûche - gluten free 

    06 janvier 2017 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #gluten free sweet, #sweet )

    The bûche (log) is a traditionnal dessert for Christmas and we have 1000 recipes. This one is gluten free and for chocolate lovers! The bûche symbolises the big log that will burn in the fire place for several days (as long as possible) for Christmas,...

  • Salmon, grapefruit and avocado verrine

    05 janvier 2017 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #gluten free salty, #salty )

    Very fresh and fruity as an entrée (first dish) for a Christmas or winter menu! Ingredients:- 2 grapefruits- 3 avocados- 150g smoked salmon- 1/2 lemon juice- chives- salt and pepper Preparation of the recipe:1. Wash the chives, dry and chop.2. Peel the...

  • Cocotte egg tart with potato pastry - Gluten free

    07 décembre 2016 ( #Gluten free, #Recipes, #salty, #gluten free salty )

    Quick, simple and fun! Ingredients (serves 6):- 4 potatoes- 6 eggs- 100g grated cheese- 100g bacon- Provence herbs, or just thyme- salt and pepper- 2 table spoons olive oil Preparation of the recipe:1- Peel and cook the potatoes in salted boiling water...

  • Broccoli cappuccino with croutons and bacon - Gluten free

    29 novembre 2016 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #salty, #gluten free salty )

    Ingredients (for 6 people):- 3 bunches broccoli- 1 potato- 1 glass cooking water broth - 100 ml fresh cream- 100 g croutons (hard bread cut in small squares) - Use gluten free bread for gluten free recipe!- 100 g bacon- salt pepper and cumin Preparation...

  • Mimosa eggs with tuna and chives - Gluten free

    11 octobre 2016 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #gluten free salty, #salty )

    Ingredients (serves 6 persons): 6 eggs 1 teaspoons Dijon mustard 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 125 g of drained tuna flakes in water 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar chives salt and pepper Preparation of the recipe 1- Cook the eggs in boiling water for 10 minutes...

  • Kiwi and bluberry tart - Gluten free

    03 octobre 2016 ( #Recipes, #Gluten free, #gluten free sweet, #sweet )

    This fruity tart is one of my favourites! And it looks really beautifull! Ingredients for 1 big tart or 6 individual tarts 6 kiwis 200 g bluberries one sweet pie crust custard cream Sweet pie crust preparation Ingredients: 70 g of rice flour / 70 g of...

  • Caramelized apple and vanilla gluten free cake

    30 août 2016 ( #Gluten free, #Recipes, #sweet, #gluten free sweet )

    Cooking is a good way of improving my level of patience during the typhoon season... Ingredients 2 big fuji apples 150 g brown sugar 150 g gluten free flour 1 teaspoon gluten free baking powder 120 g salted butter 3 eggs 2 tablespoons plain yoghurt 1/2...

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